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My name is Karen Peters, and I am a Model. Since the age of 13-23 I suffered from acne. You name it, I tried it!!! Treatments like Proactive, Aquitaine, Dermatologist injected cortisone shots, over the counter creams and medications. About 9 years ago a good friend of mine got me a gift card to get a facial treatment with Shoshana. Since I had so much damage from acne and scars, I dedicated 6 months of treatments which was enough time to see that Shoshana was the esthetician I needed on my team. By the way, the only makeup that I wear is Shoshana Shiri’s magical Souffle Cream that she makes specifically for my PH balance and exact color match that treats my skin. Shoshana is one of the most inspiring women in my life and i recommend her wholeheartedly.”

My name is Brandon Mikhail, I’m a 19-year-old college student and recent Real Estate school graduate from Calabasas, CA who’s been going to Shoshana for several months. Throughout my adolescent and adult life, I’ve suffered from severe acne. I’ve been to multiple dermatologists, spent thousands of dollars, and wasted hours upon hours in several attempts to rid my skin of blemishes. All of my efforts were hopeless, though; nothing ever seemed to work. Until the day I came to Shoshana, who I was referred to by my hair stylist, I thought there was no hope. Shoshana is a caring individual and really genuinely does whatever she can to help a person suffering from acne simply because she cares. She is an amazingly gifted esthetician and managed to clear-up my acne in a matter of weeks. Just days after my first treatment with Shoshana, I was already seeing results. Not only was I seeing results, but I was seeing results at nowhere near the cost of all the dermatologists I have seen that did nothing for me. Most importantly, the results from my improved skin lasted. I can’t believe how many complements I have been receiving on my now clear skin after Shoshana’s treatments. I highly recommend Shoshana to friends and family that are going through what I went through because no one else can compare to her and what she’s done for me and many other of her clients who have suffered from acne.”

My name is Shira and I am a high school student. Shoshana’s facial treatments and acne medications work like miracles. I have been seeing her for a little over a year now, and my back and face complexion have improved tremendously. Shoshana is a caring woman and puts all of her efforts into her clients. She makes herself available to fit your schedule, despite her busy agenda. I highly recommend Shoshana Shiri for acne treatment. “


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