Cream Soufflé Tinted Serum

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Cream Soufflé is an Excellent Multi-vitamin Tinted Serum & Moisturizing Facial Treatment.

This tinted serum will leave you with seemingly flawless, glowing skin. It forms a breathable moisture seal and helps achieve a smooth and even application of makeup.

Contains the perfect concentration of vitamins C, A and E, and the essential amount of beneficial minerals for the skin as well as a variety of pure essential oils. (With 30 SPF).

Usages And Benefits:

  • Much better for the skin than regular foundation.
  • Evens out skin tonal and restores  vigor and vitality to dull, lifeless skin.
  • Suitable for all non-sensitive skin types.
  • Provides a shield to protect the skin from pollution and damage caused by the environment.
  • Has a unique, pure essential oil scent.
  • Easy no-fuss application. Simply put some of the product onto clean hands and apply to the entire face, Use a circular motion to work the product into the skin.

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